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meat based

Chicken Cacciatore chicken pieces seasoned with salt and freshly ground black pepper bay leaves rosemary sprigs, crushed clove of garlic and cover with the wine. Cooked slowly for 4 hours.

Italian Chicken Alfredo tender chunks of chicken breast are combined with a creamy sauce flavoured with Parmesan cheese and basil and cream, then mixed with hot cooked fettuccine.

Chicken A La Grecque combining traditional Mediterranean ingredients with a classic French sauce." Flour-coated chicken pieces are browned, then stewed with tomatoes, white wine, shallots, and garlic; and seasoned with saffron threads, sugar, and curry powder.

Chicken Fricassee "halfway between a sauté and a stew" in that a sauté has no liquid added, while a stew includes liquid from the beginning. In a fricassee, cut-up meat is first sautéed, then liquid is added and it is simmered to finish cooking.

Chicken Stuffed With Mascarpone & Pesto Wrapped In Parma Ham, Served With A Hot Tomato & Garlic Relish

Free Range Chicken Fillet With A Creamy White Wine & Button Mushroom Sauce

Egyptian Lemon Chicken With Figs Chicken thighs roasted with figs and lemon slices in a lemon, vinegar and brown sugar glaze.

Beef Bourguignon It is a stew prepared with beef braised in red wine, traditionally red Burgundy, and beef broth, flavoured with garlic, onions and a bouquet garni, with pearl onions and mushrooms .

Boeuf En Croute - Beef Wellington is a preparation of fillet steak coated with pâté de foie gras and duxelles, which is then wrapped in puff pastry and baked.

Crock Pot Stifado Beef with pearl onions, red wine and Nutmeg, cinamon. This gorgeous beef stifado recipe is a traditional Greek casserole with beef and onions - Serve with lots of crusty bread to mop up the aromatic sauce

Beef And Vegetable Ragout - Beef And Vegetable With Mushrooms, Tomatoes, Garlic, Olive Oil, Port Wine And Sugar Snap Peas, Full Bodied Red Wine

Roast Beef –Rare Or Well Done, Served With Yorkshire Pudding & Homemade Horseradish Cream

Lamb Tagine – Tender Cuts Of Shoulder Of Lamb, Simmered In A Clay Pot For 6hrs With Cinnamon Sticks, Saffron, Cumin, Garlic, Onions,

Lamb Navarin – Long Cooked Lamb, French Style Casserole

Aubergine Lamb Kleftiko lamb slow-baked on the bone, first marinated in garlic and lemon juice, cooked in a pot over night.

Pulled Pork With Pomegranate Salsa Slow cooked pork, shredded from the bone, and served with Salsa very thinly sliced red onion, pomegranate seeds, parsley red-wine vinegar, molasses olive oil, rocket


vegetarian - V

Fritter Roulette crunchy corn and squash fritters with a sweet and sour relish

Parmesan, Roast Red Onion & Cauliflower Cake: Serve alongside a dressing of cucumber, dill, mint, a little sugar, cider vinegar and rapeseed oil.

Chick Pea, Spinach, Sweet Potato & Coconut Casserole

Herb Coated Aubergine w Tomato, Mushroom, Goat’s Cheese And Parmesan

Traditional Homemade Vegetarian Moussaka - V

Gorgonzola, Walnut & Wild Rocket Tart - V

Wholesome Homemade Veggie Burgers & Homemade Relish

Rich Tomato, Roast Garlic & Mixed Vegetable Lasagne  

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